Crepe Bumblers

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Petstages Crepe Bumblers are cat chew toys, made with natural rubber, that work to help clean your cat’s teeth while they chew. The natural rubber material creates bouncy, chasing fun allowing cats to use their natural instincts through play while improving their dental health. 

  • ENERGIZED PLAY: Cats have a natural instinct to bat and pounce and the Petstages Crepe Bumblers are lightweight enough for kitties to bat, chase and carry arousing cats natural instincts and promoting energetic play. 
  • HELPS CLEAN TEETH: The Petstages Crepe Bumblers chew toys are designed with pliable rubber that helps to remove tartar and improve dental health while cats chew and play.
  • GREAT FOR CHEWING: The Petstages Crepe Bumblers was designed with durable, pliable rubber that's great for cats that love to chew.
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