Bumble Bee Flinger

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Petstages Bumble Bee Flinger toys for cats will bring out the wild instincts of your cat while keeping boredom at bay through and active play. This colorful and exciting bumble bee cat toy engage kitty with furry feathers that encourage natural hunting behavior while you send these Flingers flyin'. 

  • FLING & PLAY: Keep cats busy while bonding through play with Petstages Bumble Bee Flinger! This fun Flinger lets you launch this toy over a short distance making it safe for indoor play as it flings and flies for your favorite feline.
  • 100% CATNIP: Stuffed with catnip to encourage energetic play, Petstages Bumble Bee Flinger will excite cats and help keep them interested in this cute cat toy! The perfect size for kitty to swat and bat while catnip keeps them energized and entertained.
  • PLAY WITH KITTY: Hold the hemp bee in one hand while pulling back the elastic band with a finger from other hand and release bee to fling the Bumble Bee Flinger through the air.
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